What’s more important than the size of his penis?

How much does size really matter? How important is it? And how much does it affect the potential or the amount of orgasms we can reach? In order to answer this question fairly, I’ve been doing some research.

Respect: I don’t care if he has a monster dick, if he doesn’t show any respect, then it’s not worth taking a ride. What do I mean by respect? Well if you’re unsure of the answer, then that’s a bad sign. What I mean is how he acts around you and towards you, is he polite? Is he respectful of you and your desires? Does he take no for an answer first time round? Does he act like a baby when you don’t give him what he wants? Does he take an interest in getting to know who you are before getting you naked? There are many different ways that he can show you respect, if you doubt even for a second that he might not respect you, then he doesn’t. Pull up your thong and get out.

Foreplay: How much time does he spend warming you up first? Most women find it difficult to reach orgasm through penetration alone, so foreplay is a must, the ones who don’t enjoy giving it are not worth your time, I only spend time with the ones who see my clitoris as an all you can eat buffet, and damn they’re hungry. Does he ask about how to give you the most pleasure? Is he able to read your verbal and non verbal clues? The ones that are going to give you multiple orgasms are the ones that openly ask you to communicate your sexual desires with them. There are guys who see pleasuring a woman as a challenge to be conquered and others who think that I should get my pleasure from his dick alone, some that think that they don’t need to waste any time with foreplay because I should be on my knees bowing down to him and the fact that he has a dick. I have come across guys who simply refuse to give oral, I pull up my thong immediately.

Confidence: There really is nothing sexier than a guy who knows exactly what he wants and who isn’t afraid to take control. The ones who literally spend the night showering you with orgasms, the ones who spend the entire night either with their hands on you or inside you, they don’t leave an inch of your body unlicked. A guy who is confident in the bedroom makes it extremely easy for me to reach orgasm, and a guy who enjoys dominating is usually not lacking in the confidence department. Of course, your own confidence is also very important, don’t be afraid to communicate openly what you want and let him enjoy giving it to you.

So does size really matter? The answer is of course, yes. But it is not the only factor involved in reaching orgasm. For women, foreplay is essential. without it, most women will find it harder to reach orgasm, sex without foreplay is like having anal sex without lubricant, of course it’s possible, but you’re making life unnecessarily hard for yourself. It also depends on the woman, each of us enjoy different things, when it comes to size, some girls prefer length and some prefer girth, however we all enjoy having a tongue between our legs. But regardless of size, in the end it’s the effort he puts into your orgasm and how much he wants to get you there. Every woman wants to feel the same thing in the bedroom, desired. In the end, it’s his desire to give you multiple orgasms and how many times he wants to eat at the buffet that really matters, and that isn’t dependant on size.


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