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SLUT-Shaming; who gets to decide?

What is a SLUT? The term SLUT is thrown around on a daily basis and yet nobody can seem to define what it is or what the requirements are to be labelled one. Some people say a SLUT is someone who gets paid for sex, according to Google a SLUT is “a woman who has... Leer más →

The wonders of oral sex…

Some people dating in their 30s are dating to find a partner, to get married, to buy a house and settle down, personally I date to see how many orgasms I can get. Aside from all of the insatiable sex, I've discovered that there are countless guys who absolutely adore pussy and who simply want... Leer más →

Lo que es para ti, te encuentra.

A veces, hay personas que crees que nunca superarás, luego unos meses más tarde, aparecen sus nombres en tu whatsapp y sin más pasan desapercibidas. No sientes cosas negativas ni ira ni tristeza, simplemente no te importan una mierda. Has tenido tiempo de ver cómo la vida está mejorando y cambiando constantemente a medida que... Leer más →

Blocking exes on social media? Why do we do it?

What’s the deal? There’s another inevitable part of our dating culture, the one that allows you to eliminate someone from your virtual life, otherwise known as blocking. I had always thought of blocking as an immature move that virtually allows you to say f*ck you, and sometimes it is just that, but there are other... Leer más →

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