The sexventure with the island boy. Part 1.

From as young as we can remember, we’re taught about stranger danger, how we shouldn’t talk to strangers because if we do they will absolutely kidnap us and keep us in their basement.

But I think, well everyone is a stranger until we get to know them, right? I’m a bit of an addict when it comes to meeting new people, forming new relationships, building connections, discovering little pieces of yourself in other people and how you interact with each other. I love first dates, first meetings, first kisses, first blowjobs, the first time you have sex with someone new and of course the excitement of seeing a new dick for the first time, which always feels like Christmas morning.

So I met a handsome “stranger” on Feeld recently that looks like someone I am going to enjoy unwrapping. Once you have some experience online dating under your belt, it becomes pretty easy to suss someone out, signs of respect, signs that he could be a complete weirdo, signs that tell you he might just be on the same page as you, obviously the dirty sex page and some you feel like you can connect with almost instantaneously.

As well as being sexy and respectful, he’s also intriguing and alluring. He lives in Mallorca which makes conditions perfect for a dirty little weekend away. I told him I was writing about our upcoming sexventure and asked him to share his feelings about our dirty weekend…

This is what he told me…

You seem like someone I’d like to explore she said
What would you like to explore?
I asked
Your mind and your body to start
That’s when you had me
Simple and to the point
Honest and sexy
And so I want you to have both
My mind, my body, and more if I can give it
I know almost nothing about you
And yet we’ve already built such tension
An intoxicating anticipation that has me replaying all of the things I want to do with you
All the ways we can defile my apartment
My imagination has been running wild with possibility
I want all of you but I love knowing nothing
What will our chemistry be?
Slow and sensual?
Explosive and passionate?
Playful and teasing?
All of the above?
Pick D
I can’t wait to see it unfold
As we fold and tangle into each other
I’m excited for that push and pull
The dance
The letting go
Getting lost
Trusting one another to take it one step further
To find the next threshold of pleasure
We’re diving in blind though babes
Mind and bodies unknown
Though I don’t doubt we’ll find our rhythm and harmony fast
So long as we’re present
So long as we’re connecting
So long as we’re communicating
Not necessarily with words
I too want it all
Your body
Your mind
Your soul
I want to destroy and rebuild each other
Ravage and renew
Then rinse repeat
But never the same
Always growing
I want to see what you know
Teach you a few tricks of my own
I want to surrender into something bliss
Then lay and cuddle and talk about life
Put the pieces together
Learn about your past
Who you are
Collect your stories, your thoughts, your feelings
Already naked
Already vulnerable
Still strangers
Why the hell not?
I want your dreams and ambitions
Your view on this world we’re living in
I want to find your sadness and anger
Then fuck it all out of you
Find your joys and pleasures
Then make love over them
I want to know what makes you laugh
And how that laugh sounds
I want to know what kind of flirt you are
I want to feel dirty
Like it’s our little secret
I want to learn you well
Memorize your shape with my hands
Hold your weight
Learn your responses
See what you need
I want to heal each other
Inspire one another towards the goodness of life
The richness of damn good sex
I want to create
They say creation is violent
Big bang, exploding stars
Impacts and collisions
Building whole planets and solar systems
So what can we create with our intimate violence?
Penetrating, pounding, thrashing
Building, bounding, crashing
And yet, I hope the result is sweet and tender
Something special we can each take with us
I hope for a moment we both feel to the fullest what it is to be alive
And I hope for that we’ll always remember our dirty little weekend.

So what’s my advice? If you get the chance to do something that people tell you you’re crazy for doing, well then you should absolutely do it, don’t let the fears of others inflict any fear onto you. The best part of life is the connections we make, they’re what make us feel closer to ourselves, they’re what remind us who we are and what we have to offer. Sure, there’s always a chance things could go wrong, or not the way you expected, or that you could end up in a basement, but fuck it.

There’s also an extremely high chance that you’ll spend a sweet weekend full of exploring, adventure, connection, insatiable sex, orgasms, talking, laughing, listening, learning, understanding, exploring how someone else sees the world, how they see you, sharing dreams, ambitions, sharing kisses, tongues and bodies. These moments are the ones that make you feel alive. Alive with excitement, with butterflies in your stomach and most beautifully alive with the anticipation you can only experience from not knowing what’s to come.

To be continued…

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