The sexventure with the island boy. Part 2.

So yeah I’m the kinda girl that flies to Mallorca to meet a sexy stranger for a dirty weekend and man am I glad to be that girl, the girl who has the balls to do it, the girl who trusts her instincts over anything else, the girl who chases adventure, the girl who lives life on a higher frequency. I’m basically the girl who will do almost anything for an orgasm.

So it’s not until I’m walking through the airport and out of the departure gate that I actually started to feel nervous. Sure, when I first booked the ticket, I thought “what the fuck am I doing?” But that was soon taken over by excitement. But then, just before going through the gate I felt nervous, excited and a little bit sick and for a split second I started to worry about the fact I was in a completely new place with an absolute stranger. I realised what the feeling was, it’s that butterfly feeling that you can only get when you’re well and truly out of your comfort zone.

As soon as we started talking online, it didn’t take long for us to realise that we might enjoy playing with each other. However, we didn’t go into much detail online, even when the trip was planned. Neither of us wanted to ruin the opportunity to discover and learn about each other’s minds and bodies in the best way, in person, in bed, naked. Sharing that kind of intimacy with someone you‘ve just met is a kind of excitement that you can’t find easily, the kind of excitement that makes you feel alive, the kind that reminds you what it is to be alive.

The weekend: We shared life stories, our views on the world, our views about sex, love, life, relationships, what we hope to achieve, what we’ve already achieved. I could sense how at ease I felt with him when I realized I never felt any need to fill the silence. Not only did he cook delicious food for me the entire weekend while I stared at his butt. We explored each other’s minds and bodies and immersed ourselves completely into one another, we got so lost in the pleasure, the intimacy and the connection that for a while, the outside world seemed to disappear.

The connection: We share a lust for life and adventures, an insatiability in the bedroom, sensuality, passionate about life and living it to the fullest, a love for simple pleasures, for keeping things simple, open and transparent. A passion for music, writing, creating, connecting and for living life on a higher frequency, always seeking adventure. I’ve never felt so at ease so quickly with someone I only just met, it only took a couple of minutes into the taxi ride from the airport for us both to realize that we were in for a good weekend, yet neither of us had expected just how good. It was like a constant high from the moment we took each other’s clothes off until the moment I left, 72 hours later.

The sex: Not to mention the hot and sweaty, orgasmic, animalistic, uninhibited sex, highly charged with desire, passion, lust and pure insatiability. It’s that kinda sex that is so damn hot that you get entirely lost in it, lost together in a sex bubble, when you lose all concept of time and the outside world just seems to evaporate. Our sexual chemistry was next level shit, think of the dirtiest porn you enjoy watching then multiply that by 72 hours. It was by far some of the best sex I’ve experienced and it’s down to chemistry, it’s the kind of sex that needs no direction, there wasn’t a moment where one needed to direct or nudge the other in a certain direction, everything just felt natural and inevitable.

Kissing: We shared an obvious love for kissing, making out and basically anything that involved using our tongues. Kissing is not just foreplay, it’s all of it, it’s how you express your desire for that person in that moment and honestly, is there anything more sensual or sexy than a tongue, especially when it’s wrapped around your own. Before we had even kissed for the first time, the connection we had was already apparent, in that without saying a word we both hesitated before kissing each other for the first time, as if we both enjoyed the anticipation of it so much that we wanted to savour it as long as possible. Just like the split second before your orgasm, which is somehow slightly more exciting than when it actually comes, because you’re getting off on the anticipation of what’s to come.

I trusted my instincts and it paid off orgasmically, sure my friends voiced some concerns about me going and I listened, I just didn’t let their worries become my own. Our dirty weekend blew my mind and the connection we made was like a natural high, a weekend of passion and intimacy with the most beautifully open and inspiring human, who showered me with affection, delicious food, insatiable sex, multiple orgasms and frozen grapes.

Indulge in the uncertainty of it all, dive into the passion, indulge in your fantasies, explore people, give them the opportunity to explore you, let life surprise you, indulge in the beauty of impermanence, love more, be vulnerable, chase adventure, take risks, do more things that people tell you you’re crazy for doing. Live life on a higher frequency.

Write your own story and make it orgasmic.

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